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New and Updated in April and May


Orange Lake, New York

Local History Author & Historian
New Paltz, NY
Robi Josephson

Christmas Trees & B&B
Slate Hill, NY
B&B open all year!

New--Redesigned May 2016

Ancient Alternatives ~Acupuncture
Ancient Alternatives-
Acupuncture, Glens Falls, NY




New and In-Progress Updates

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Calligraphy by Candace Avery
Westlake Villiage, CA

John Bardin, LLC.com
Right Hand Drive Dual Controls
Pine Bush, NY

Buck's Homestead B&B
Montgomery, NY

Cadwallader Colden
Devoted to everything Colden
including the Colden mansion ruins on 17K and the Colden Family Cemetery

Coldenham, NY

Antiques & Gifts
Montgomery, NY

thewaldenhouse.org Home of
The Historical Society of Walden &
the Wallkill Valley--Walden, NY

Earlier sites designed at The RAND Corporation

CHIC --Community Health
Improvement Collaborative
RAND, Los Angeles, CA

Community Engagement & Partnership Conference, July 2006-- RAND, UCLA & other Universities,
Santa Monica &
Los Angeles, CA

The Wellness Site
for a RAND/UCLA Project (draft)
Los Angeles, CA

Other Projects

Web Design, Photography, and Editing.

. establish a business presence with a new web site

. redesign or update an existing web site

. register a domain name

. launch a new site to your server space
--or mine.

. search engine optimization (SEO)--people need to find you

Countryside Custom Homes (
Briarwood in New Windsor, NY
*Business no longer active

Sloat Family History
A family genealogy site drafted
for the Sloat Family

Whether you you need a large web site or a small one--- you've come to the right place.

One to three pages as a "business presence" is enough to get you started. You can keep your site that size... or add pages and updates as necessary at affordable prices. Original site design includes:
Design, photography, charts, graphs, PDFs (if you have documents to include), resizing your images for best viewing on the Internet, registering a new domain name,* server space, and hosting your site files for one year.** The process includes launching your sight as a draft that you can review and approve before final launch to your new .com. Edits can still be made after the launch. The process also includes "search engine optimation" (SEO) so that potential customers can find you at places like Google and Bing.

Sites can be as large or as small as you need. You can always add pages and expand your existing site as business grows or changes. Rates will be given for the original design--with smaller hourly rates for edits and changes.

Do you need a site redesign? That's fine too.

I can offer original photography, charts & graphs, text edits or original text to make your site shine. Changes are quick and cost-effective. A web presence can save you money with the added green benefit of not having to reprint materials every time something changes. A win-win all around! I can also add a new Blog, a Facebook page, or Twitter account if you would care to have them and then link them to your web site (see my example at the bottom of this page).* Domain Registration (your ".com" or ".org" name) is purchased through an outside vendor and is usually under $20 for two years; **Hosting (the server space where your site files live) is usually between $50-90 per year depending upon the amount of space needed.
I'm located in the Hudson Valley--but no matter where you're located (a recent client is in California and we still haven't met although her site is up and running). I can design a site perfect for you.

E-mail me today! ~ Gail Yeaple
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Web Design --
Concept through Completion!

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